PhD in Cardiovascular Science (last intake in 2013)

Course partially running (all years except the first)


The aim of Doctoral Program is to enable the acquisition of methodology for high-level scientific and industrial research. Thus the course proposes the following main objectives: to familiarise students with the use of general instruments and methods of research; to extend their knowledge of methodologies and technologies used for cardiovascular aids; to promote in every student, the acquisition of a solid scientific understanding and the practice of international comparison in their chosen field of research. The attainment of these objectives will result in the training of new interdisciplinary professionals capable of bringing together skills from different fields, from cardiology to pharmacology, from biochemistry to the industrial production of biomaterials and sanitary materials, from molecular biology to computational chemistry, from heart surgery to total and partial prosthetic substitutes for the heart. In order to encourage specialist training in cardiovascular research, the doctorate includes at present: biotechnologies and bioengineering of cardiovascular aids; new technologies and techniques of cardiovascular surgery; heart replacement therapy and systems of circulatory assistance.

Course details

Degree type
3 years
Supervisory body
Collegio dei Docenti del Dottorato di Ricerca in Scienze Cardiovascolari
Graduate School
Life and Health Sciences (partially running)
Main Department
Surgery, Dentistry, Paediatrics and Gynaecology
Macro area
Life and Health Sciences