Project writing per principianti (2020/2021)

Corso a esaurimento (attivi gli anni successivi al primo)

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Marta Capiluppi, Erika Cavallini, Daniela Grisi, Alessio Lorenzi, Claudio Nidasio
Marta Capiluppi
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The course aims at giving basic knowledge on how to write a project proposal. It is dedicated to absolute beginners in project writing.


Tuesday 28 September 2021
h 10.00-13.00
Welcome and introduction
Part 1: Defining your scientific Proposal
- Definition of research project
- How to structure the excellence part of the proposal
- Objectives
- State of Art and beyond
- Methodology
- Gender Issues
- Interdisciplinarity
Part 2: How to present yourself: The CV
- Education and research experiences
- Resume
- Publications
- Research achievements
- Other achievements

Wednesday 29 September 2021
h 10.00-13.00
Part 3: Securing the impact of your project
- Scientific, economical and societal impact
- Dissemination & Communication & Outreach
- Open access & research data management
- IPR Exploitation & Technology Transfer
Part 4: Implementing your project
- Work Packages
- Graphical representation of project activities
- Deliverables & Milestones
- Temporal assessment of project activities - Gantt
- Risk Analysis

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