Gene therapy, cell therapy, regenerative medicine

Luca Giacomello
Associate Professor
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Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine Luca Giacomello
My research group is working on the development of novel advanced therapies using regenerative medicine applications. Our aim is to revolutionize the treatment of several disorders in children and adults characterized by tissue or organ failure. Advances in tissue engineering, bioreactor technology and surgical techniques means the development of autologous tissue engineered organs is now a possibility. Using an autologous cell engineering strategy, the patient’s own cells to generate replacement tissues and organs, we hope to produce implantable organs and tissues. This will provide a better life-long solution to the replacement of missing or damaged tissues, overcoming the shortage of transplantable organs. We are actively engaged in projects to engineer pancreas, tooth, and gut. My research group is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary and is formed of stem cell biologists, bio-medical engineers, PhD students and research support staff.


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