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Citofisiopatologia umana
Gli argomenti principali del nostro gruppo sono: meccanismi di guarigione delle ustioni e ferite cutanee, citofisiopatologia della malattia di Alzheimer, e citopatologia del carcinoma cervicale.
Diabetes and Nutrition Research Group. The principle group research areas are diabetes, nutrition disorders, mainly obesity, as well as the most important complications of diabetes and obesity.
Pediatric Surgical Research Group
The research group in basic and translational pediatric surgery was founded in 2010 with the intention of focusing the research mainly in the study of stem cells of fetal origin (placenta and amniotic fluid) and their application for the correction of congenital malformative diseases
Multidisciplinary team to carry out a feasibility study for temperature measurement during robotic radical prostatectomy
Quality of Life Research Group
Multi-center and multidisciplinary national research group for the evaluation of quality of life in patients undergoing cystectomy and urinary derivation for bladder neoplasia.
Pancreatology study group
The main fields of research of the study group are pancreatic neoplasms (cystic tumors, neuroendocrine tumors, ductal adenocarcinoma) and ablative techniques.
Multicenter observational and prospective study to evaluate the prevalence of pulmonary metastases at chest CT in the patients to be submitted to radical nephrectomy
IWGEES = International Working Group on Endoscopic Ear Surgery
The group promotes methodological research and the teaching of the endoscopic approach in the field of otology, and in particular in the treatment of middle and inner ear disease.
Pediatric adolescent fertility lab
The main Group outcome is to study all surgical disease that could be associated with the impairment of the fertility potential in pediatric age; multidisciplinary approach is essential to evaluate all aspects
Neurogenetica, Neuropatologia e Neurobiologia clinica e sperimentale.
Malattie neurodegenerative ad esordio in età pediatrica.
Pediatric pulmunology and allergy


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