Research Strategies

The main strength of the Surgery, Dentistry, Maternity and Infant Department and its distinguishing characteristic are the excellence of its research and its high degree of internationalization. Departmental research enhances both individual studies and the convergence of multi-disciplinary studies, encouraging the dissemination of scientific production. These activities are carried out in synergy with other Italian and foreign universities and institutions, thus increasing the number of collaborations in Europe and beyond (international agreements, Visiting Professors, etc..). It produces its specificities through the didactic and scientific interaction related to biomolecular and pathophysiological knowledge, to the methodological surgical and anaesthesiologic approach and to clinical-therapeutic applications in general and specialized surgical diseases, oncological and otherwise, in adult and the paediatric age, with particular regard to the fields of anaesthesiology and intensive care, cardiac surgery, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, diabetology and metabolism diseases, vascular surgery, oesophageal and stomach surgery, urology, orthopaedics, maxillofacial surgery, plastic-reconstructive surgery, dentistry, otolaryngology, gynaecology and neuropsychiatry. The research activities of the Department aim at improving the health conditions of all citizens through improved treatments and especially through screening and prevention strategies, thus providing a sustainable and high-quality health service system.

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