Nicola Zampieri

Nicola Zampieri,  May 27, 2021
Associate Professor
Chirurgia Pediatrica
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Research groups

Pediatric adolescent fertility lab
The main Group outcome is to study all surgical disease that could be associated with the impairment of the fertility potential in pediatric age; multidisciplinary approach is essential to evaluate all aspects
Research interests
Topic Description Research area
Pediatric Andrology Pediatric Andrology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases that may alter the development and future fertility of the male; it includes both clinical and surgical aspects and the collaboration between the various specialists is essential for guaranteeing a correct approach to the single pathology Pediatrics
Title Starting date
Study of pro-angiogenic pathways induced by human chorionic gonadotropin in primary testicular and gubernaculum cells 3/1/20
Congenital heart disease and fertility potential in pediatric age 1/1/18
valutazione del Sertoli index con agoaspirato testicolare nel paziente adolescente con varicocele ed ipotrofia testicolare 5/1/17
Criopreservazione del tessuto testicolare e di liquido seminale nel paziente andrologico 5/1/17
Prevenzione andrologica e obesità adolescenziale 1/1/17
Chirurgia 2.0: ergonomia e conoscenza del rischio 9/9/16
National survey for bariatric procedures in adolescents 9/9/16
Traumatologia pediatrica di interesse chirurgico in alta montagna 1/1/14