The Surgery, Dentistry, Maternity and Infant Department consists of two facilities: Policlinico G.B.Rossi - Borgo Roma and Polo chirurgico -Borgo Trento where the Administration and fifteen Operative Units are located: Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Breast Unit - Breast Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, General and Oesophageal and Stomach Surgery, General and Hepatobiliary Surgery, General and Pancreatic Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery and Dentistry, Paediatric Surgery, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Child Neuropsychiatry, Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Otorhinolaryngology, Paediatrics, Diabetology and Metabolism Diseases, Urology.

The Department includes 16 postgraduate schools (12 with administrative headquarters at the University of Verona and 4 with aggregated headquarters of the administrative headquarters at the University of Padua).
The Surgery, Dentistry, Maternity and Infant Department combines surgical and non-operative disciplines, both general and specialist. Its multidisciplinary features make it the ideal place for integration between research and teaching assistance, offering not only clinical but also scientific training courses updated to the state of the art.
The Department is continuously seeking to offer a better learning experience through the integration of training with cutting-edge research. The Department's active courses include courses in surgical, biomedical and nursing contexts with a particular focus on highly specialized areas.
The training offer includes: courses of the three levels of higher education through professionalizing paths strongly oriented to the world of work (degree courses: three-year, master and the combined first degree and master cycle), courses in the field of continuing education and professionalizing educational paths for (future) teachers of different levels (with Master, Refresher courses and PhD).
The courses are designed for an international audience, including foreign lecturers and students. In particular, the Department encourages the active participation of professors from European and non-European universities, with the aim of enriching the spectrum of scientific and professional expertise


The Department promotes and coordinates scientific, theoretical and applied research activities, optimising the interaction between research, assistance and teaching in the paediatric, obstetric-gynaecological, anaesthesiologic and surgical fields, both general and specialist, including also in the geriatric field.
In order to achieve its objectives, the Department encourages the development of collaborative relationships and exchanges of teachers and students with other national and international universities, non-profit organizations, research institutes and companies operating in the health service sector; it encourages and supports participation in national and international research projects relating to the most current general and specialist surgical reference topics, promoting research and training activities also through PhD Courses and post-graduate schools.
The Department promotes initiatives that indicate the orientation towards the involvement of the local area and external communities of reference, in local, national and international terms.
The Department encourages the enrichment of activities, services and support for students which will help them develop their talent, feel an integral part of the Department and be able to have a successful career.
The Department promotes the development of talented people, encouraging the growth of individual knowledge and skills, rewarding and motivating the person through an appropriate policy of development and planning.



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